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20 20 Cricket.."

5 simple rules, has the idiot up £1,610 and more action today, this is a virtually ZERO RISK method!!

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Don't worry if you have never Bet on Cricket before, this is solely on pricing and the unpredictable game that is 20 over limited Cricket!

Have you seen the Video?



Question:What's 2020?

Wrong Answer.. good Eye Sight or 40.

Correct Answer... Excellent Betting Opportunities on 2020 Cricket.. virtually Risk FREE!

Interested in making money quickly and safely?

What is 2020 Cricket?

The fastest form of the game, 20 overs each team game lasts 3 hours.

We are only in most games for 30 minutes max!

No knowledge needed AT ALL!

If you can read this screenshot below, then you can use our method!

This is the only screen you need, on Betfair.

Place a bet before the game, then wait (usually within 30 minutes of the game starting) make one more bet, and that's it.

We give you the things you need, the price for the first bet and the price for the second bet.

Nothing to work out or think about.

Once the second bet is made that is it, no need to watch the game or monitor it at all.

Yes, you don't need to watch the game AT ALL!

Best of All regardless of the outcome of the game we win most times.

And if it goes against us we minimise the loss.

The Last seven IPL tournaments in India and South Africa we have done very well.

Started 3rd April 2017, in India.


7 weeks of action Televised in most countries.

Times are Indian Standard Time (4.5 hours ahead of UK summertime)


Some of the IPL 5 Bets.

First Profits for 2011 IPL, so join up and start the Profit Roll.

The method is on a 6 page PDF, it is simple...and very profitable.

What starting Bank? £200 is fine.

First bet £50 on this start up bank.

Over 5 to 6 million matched in most games, so brilliant for us, and maybe you if you decide to join us.



Below are Results from last years IPL.

Here is the game on the 20th March 2010

Here is the game on the 21st March 2010

And on the above game a nice $43.63 win regardless of the result.

25th March 2010 another win

28th March 2010 a $39.22 Win

1st April 2010 a win $33.92

3rd April, could not get out of the trade as the Deccan Charges blew out in the market

however we picked up $25.20 win.

7th April $75.98 profit regardless of the result.

11th April $37.41 profit regardless of the result.


12th April, could not get out of the trade as the Royals blew out in the market

however we picked up $40.54 win.

13th April, could not get out of the trade as the Delhi daredevils blew out in the market

however we picked up $58.40 win.


There is plenty of money in 2020 cricket, some games have over £7 million.

Most games you can get you trade done in the first 30 minutes.




So if you have a BETFAIR account, a heart beat, and a desire to build your bank rapidly,,, then head for the order button below and GRAB NOW!

20/20 Cricket Trading is

It is Perfect For

Any twenty twenty match... and especially

IPL 2020

Time is ticking....

We Cleaned up in the IPL Season 2009, 2010 and we will again in 2011!



You Need This Easy Strategy...

This is as very close to Zero risk!


And We Are Right on Target!!

Shooting holes in The Betfair Punters...

Indian IPL Starts 4th April. 2012


Here is what we have done so far with a small Bank

Here is what we have got using this Simple trading Method..

So we have grown the bank $1,681.80 in 45 matches, with virtually no risk. We have a loss protection strategy, that minimizes losses.

That's a 67.2% Profit!

We have turned a $2,500.00 Bank into a $4,181.00 one!

And in 45 Bets only 8 losing bets!!

Strike Rate Over 83%

Face the Facts...

This Method will make you money, and very day you delay you lose!! it is that SIMPLE!!

Here is the graph using only 2% staking plan, very safe.


Games are played at a good time for the UK, Europe, India and Australia*

* Australians, will need to ring there bets through once the games start.

The Time To Move Is NOW!!

Have a look at these bets:

These bets are betting 2% of a $2,500, to start with but with
a 83% strike rate you can use 10%

21st May

20th May

15th May

14th May

9th May 09

Winning Day

8th May 09

No Screenshot But another winning day.

7th May 09

A losingBet.

6th May 09

Winning Bet

5th May 09

two matches both losing Bets.

4th May 09

A losingBet.

3rd May 09

Evening Game was a loss, (no screen shot :-))

2nd May 09

1st May 09

Another winning Bet

Another winning Bet @ $14.59 Profit.

30th April

Another winning bet..

29th April Bet. 2 bets only

As you can see we will win at least $11.00 does not matter about result.

No need to follow the rest of the game we are finished.

And the very next game:

Same again a guaranteed $14.82 profit no matter the out come.


NOW the USA and South Africa are Looking at having IPL type tournaments so this Method will be great for thoses ALSO!!

You can use this method for life, and it will work on all 2020 matches and we know there is plenty being played now.

Because of the nature of the game, the results are very unpredictable..that is what we exploit in this system.

So join the PROFITABLE FUN now..

Before the Early Bird Price disappears... save £20.00

If the IDIOT (self confessed) can do it so CAN YOU!!

45 games and only 8 losing BETS....

In the recently completed IPL Series 2 in South Africa

27 11 copies left at the EARLY BIRD PRICE.......





Champion League T20 Cricket is happening in India right now, and we have found a way to make money betting (well trading actually) on these matches.

These games last 3 hours and are televised in most countries. Our method involves no Cricket Knowledge, we are trading the game just as you would stocks and shares or Foreign Currency however we are using Cricket Teams.

As you can see we have had a great start to the series only losing one match.

We have a stop loss strategy and the fact that you can place your bets and know it does not matter who wins you will collect at the end of the match.

Everything is spelled out in the six page PDF with screen shots to show how we do it.

It will continue to work with any 20/20 cricket match, so after the IPL slog feast there will be plenty more matches to use this handy and profitable strategy.

So grab the System Now and Start Trading in Cricket teams TODAY... IT is that Simple.

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My account is stevedav@iinet.net.au








Steve Davidson



If you don't accept this offer where will you be with you punting in a month from here?

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